Repairing of Dentures
Repairing Of Dentures

As well made as a denture could be, they do break from time to time. When this happens, you need a professional service you can count on to fix them properly and in a timely manner. If the denture is repairable, we will travel to you to pick it up, repair it in our lab, and have it returned back to you. It’s that simple. No need for you to travel and no need to panic! We’ll take care of it.

Types of common denture repairs:

  • Split Or Cracked – The denture might be broken completely into two or more pieces or have crack in it that is a weak point where a future break could occur. Splits and cracks can happen if the denture is accidentally dropped or when chewing. If the denture splits or cracks when chewing, that could be a sign of problems with the fit or bite.
  • Broken flange – This type of break occurs when the edge of the denture breaks off from the rest of the denture. It is important to keep the broken piece to make the repair as simple as possible. If the piece is missing and is not too large, it can still usually be repaired although it is a bit more complicated and costly. If the missing piece is too large then the denture may need to be replaced.
  • Broken Denture Teeth – On occasion, one or more denture teeth could break off or pop off the denture. This can happen if the denture is accidentally dropped or when chewing.
  • Tooth Additions – This is a situation where a person has an existing partial denture and had a natural tooth that was extracted or broke off at the gum line. The result will be that the person now has a space where there was once a natural tooth. If the existing partial denture otherwise fits properly, we can correct this situation by adding a new denture tooth to the denture to replace the lost natural tooth. If there are too many of those missing teeth that need to be replaced or the existing denture does not fit properly, then a new one will need to be made.
  • If your denture is broken, we are here to help. If it’s repairable, we will get it done so you can keep chewing the foods you love. If it’s not repairable, we can provide you with other options to suit your needs. Give us a call or fill out the form on the page.