The fees charged for denture services is reflected in the materials used, the time and labour involved, and the expertise and skills required of the practitioner. Since no two mouths are alike, each denture is completely custom made for each individual. When products are custom made, they tend to be more labour intensive as compared to products that are not custom made which can be produced in large quantities relatively quickly. At Direct Denture Services we use quality materials, offer exceptional service, and we package this in an affordable price.

Paying For Denture Services:

  • Payment for denture services is done by the patient, family, or power of attorney. We accept cash, credit card, cheque, and e-transfer.
  • If the patient has insurance, we will be happy to assist and provide the insurance forms so that the patient can get reimbursed for the amount their insurance contract specifies.
  • For those patients that cannot financially cover the cost of their denture treatment, we work along side with dental financing companies that offer competitive interest rates and flexible terms to suit the patient’s payment preference.

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