Why Choose Us

If you or someone you care for requires denture services, why not look into a service that comes on-site to you right in your own home? If you have mobility issues, difficulty accessing transportation, or just prefer the added convenience, our service is made for you!

The following are reasons why you should choose us:

First and foremost, we come to you!

There is no travel necessary for you to be seen by us. Our on-site as needed services are tailor-made for those that are unable to conveniently travel to and access a traditional denture clinic. If you live in your own home or are in a hospital or other kind of care facility, we will travel to see you for each of the required appointments. We understand that travelling to and from a traditional denture clinic may be very daunting for those with mobility challenges and that this may be compounded when treatment requires multiple appointments. With our service, you can relax in the comfort of your own home, every time. We’ve got you covered!

Timely service!

This means that when we get consent to visit you, we aim to schedule your appointment within a few days, and often within the same day (depending on circumstances). Ensuring that denture related issues are dealt with in a prompt and timely manner is one of our fundamental objectives.


We have over 20 years of experience in on-site denture service.

We partner with other on-site dental health professionals.

When one of our patients is in need of other dental work, a referral to one of our network of on-site dentists/hygienists can be made. That individual can be scheduled to see the patient in the same on-site, as needed manor as our denture services.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please contact us.

How It Works

For those living in a private home:

  • Patient, power of attorney (POA), or any involved substitute decision maker (SDM) contacts our office by phone, fax, or e-mail. A consultation or proposed treatment (depending on circumstances) is arranged and an appointment is scheduled which is usually within 1-5 business days.
  • A licensed denturist (denture specialist) will meet with the patient at the comfort of their own home. A thorough examination will be performed and the patient (POA or any involved SDM) will be informed of the treatment options and associated costs. Treatment can usually proceed at this same appointment.
  • All future appointments necessary to complete the treatment are scheduled with the patient (POA or any SDM).
  • Upon completion of the treatment program, the patient and any involved POA or SDM will be given post care instructions including information to contact our office should any follow-up adjustment appointments be necessary. Adjustment appointments are at no additional charge for up to 3 months (in most cases)

Denture Loss Insurance

(Coming Soon)

As a value-added service, when Direct Denture Services makes new dentures for you, we will also offer insurance to cover against loss of those dentures. For an added fee, if the new dentures are lost within a certain time period, we will replace them. We recognize that new dentures are a significant expense and that having this protection offers great peace of mind to our patients and their family members. This type of service may be the first of its kind!

To find out more information about this service, please contact us!

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