Denturists are licensed primary oral health care professionals that provide denture services directly to the public. They are denture specialists.

Yes. If you are in a care facility or your own home, we come directly to you.

We service a wide area covering much of Southern Ontario.

Dentures Typically last 5-7 years but lifespan may be shorter or longer depending on circumstance.

You should have your dentures checked by your denturist at least once per year.

Likely yes. As new dentures settle into the gum, they will often cause soreness. When this happens, the denturist will make adjustments to them. This is part of the process when getting new dentures.

As time goes by, your gums under the dentures are slowly shrinking. As this happens, the denture doesn’t fit snugly and evenly on the gum anymore, resulting in looseness of the denture.

You should definitely consult a denturist. Pain is usually a sign that there is significant change in the mouth or that something has broken on the denture.

You may have a few options. If the tooth is broken close to the gumline and you don’t have any pain, a denturist may be able to simply add a new tooth to the denture in its place that goes over the root. If you have pain, you will need to see a dentist.

Depending on the nature of the break, most often the denture can be repaired. In certain circumstances the denture is not repairable and would need to be replaced.

If you still have some natural teeth remaining, then definitely. You should have your natural teeth checked by a dentist and cleaned every six months or as directed.