Relining of Dentures
Relining Of Dentures

When a person is missing some or all of their natural teeth, the bone that used to hold those teeth shrink over time. When teeth are first extracted, the bone heals and shrinks substantially within the first few months. However, even after the healing period, the bone is in a slow state of shrinkage. For denture wearers, this steady change in the gum slowly causes the dentures to become more loose over time. To counteract this process, the dentures can be relined. Essentially, a denture reline is a process whereby the denture is refitted to the gum’s present form. The denturist creates a new surface base on the existing denture so that it fits snugly and evenly on the patient’s gum. To do this, an impression of the patient’s gum is taken and the denture is then brought to our lab to be relined. The reline process typically requires 2 appointments. Denture relines are usually a viable option provided that the change in the gum is not too drastic, that the upper and lower teeth still meet properly and are not significantly worn out. If this is the case, the dentures may need replacing. For most patients, it is recommended to have their dentures relined every 2 years or so. There are two general types of relines: Hard base and soft base.

  • Hard Base Reline – This is a conventional reline where the base of the denture is solid, similar to the rest of the denture.
  • Soft Base Reline (soft liner) – In this type of reline, a soft cushion type base lines the bottom surface of the denture. It is used to provide added comfort for the patient.
  • If you’re feeling that your dentures are more loose than they once were, contact us to find out if relining them is right for you. We’re here to help!